Christ, the Disciple and Business

The posts linked to this page all focus on the realities established Christians face in the business world.  By “established.” I mean Christians whose faith is at least 4-5 years old regardless of whether they have grown spiritually or not.  Those who have grown, I hope, will find affirmation in the essays.  Those 4-5 years or more past salvation that have not grown will find loving challenges written to them.

Emotional Safety in a Box Canyon


Awareness & Expectations

Deadly Career Choices

Courage, Christ and the Lands of Minds & Business

Where Will My Courage Come From?

View Reversal

Where is the Love?

He Did Not Charge

A Heart of Darkness Charges God

Confrontations, Choices, Conviction, Windows, Radar

Left in the Dirt & the Use of Radar

It is in Hard Grace that You Become a Deep Souled Disciple

4 thoughts on “Christ, the Disciple and Business

  1. Morris,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading them all in quick succession and was very taken with the task you have taken on and the potential of the ‘project’ if you will for a person to get a peak at the character of Yahweh and His working in our lives. I am so grateful He loves us enough to take on the task and so appreciative of the way He leads guides and reveals Himself as we seek Him! Anyway got another glimpse of that in these devotionals!

    Will continue to ponder and give more feedback as time permits…


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