What is a “Soul Search Essay?”

While the essays in this website are similar to devotionals, there are key differences.  The commentary on the passage is much longer than a traditional devotional, which is around 200-350 words.  The commentary is also more application oriented.  The essays are intended to prompt thought that leads to actions.  At its heart, discipleship is about information leading to insight, which leads to belief changes and new behaviors or extension of existing behaviors.

The point of the essays is to challenge what you believe about yourself.  The term “Souls Search” reflects this challenge.  The writing is intended to disrupt your assumptions.  You may agree with some thoughts.  You may disagree with some thoughts.  I do not expect everything to be accepted.  At times, the essay goes beyond that contents of the passage.  This is intentional.  It is not intended as eisegesis.

For you to recognize and refute what is written requires study.  Study of Scripture is valuable.  It is how you learn the character of God.

Why is the tagline “Jesus Christ: the ONE that deepens souls?”

This tagline emphasizes uncomfortable truths.  These truths are uncomfortable to those who are not Christians or are Christians with limited growth.

The first truth?  Jesus is the only way to God.  There is no other path.  Scripture is clear on this topic.  There are no qualifiers.  The only method to reach God is accept Christ as your savior.

The second truth?  Jesus is more than a savior.  Jesus is a developer.  He develops those he saves, if they will let him.  This website is dedicated to participating in this development.