Good Life

The Good Life Series is based on the beatitudes in Matthew. I have highlighted in other essays that what work and business can confer on a person is not the “Good Life.” Money. Status. Power. These are not the good life nor are they inherently good or positive. (They are also not inherently evil, but pursuit of them creates a lot of evil.) So, what did Jesus offer as the characteristics of the disciple’s good life within his kingdom (i.e. prior to his second coming)? He offered the Beatitudes.

What is the Good Life

The Good Life as Poor in Spirit

The Good Life as Mourning

The Good Life as Meekness

The Good Life as Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

The Good Life as Living Mercy

The Good Life as Pure in Heart

The Good Life as a Peacemaker

The Good Life as a Personal Persecution

The Good Life and the Response

Service, Freedom and Slavery

Magick, Time, Fate, and Choice